Sports Academies Will Never Be the Same!

In today’s competitive world, players demand access to video, from every game, drill and practice to improve performance and maximize potential. Pixellot is here to revolutionize learning by expanding coverage, adding tools and accelerating success!

Your AI Assistant Coach 

Pixellot Air is a unique, lightweight, portable camera for capturing, analyzing and sharing every game and practice with ease. Designed especially for the needs of coaches and Academies, Air is the latest component of Pixellot’s award-winning technology that is being developed with the participation of FC Barcelona and tailored to the needs of the world’s leading sports clubs such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Columbus Crew and Benfica Lisbon, where Pixellot is  an integral part of their day-to-day activities.

What’s in it for you?

Soccer coach

Better learning experience for athletes

Harnessing the latest tech used by the top clubs and organizations will generate more usable video content and accelerate learning. Video analysis and Analytics through Pixellot’s VidSwap platform will streamline your players development.

Easy to implement and use

The Air camera is lightweight, fully portable and automated with easy setup, and no complicated logistics. The Pixellot system is designed to allow the coach to be hands-free whilst delivering HD video quality indoors and out.

Portable camera

Stand out at the forefront

Position yourself as innovators and early-adopters of the latest sports-technology and methodology. Drive recognition and commercial growth of new members and players.

More video coverage

You will be generating content constantly, AUTOMATICALLY! The system was designed to make it easy for coaches to share video with players. Players can review the footage and share their games, highlights and clips with friends, family, fans and the community.

Portable camera

Start your players journey today with Pixellot 

Can you afford not to?

There is no other solution on the market that delivers the whole package. No other system delivers a dual platform solution. One for coaches with analytics for analyzing games and practices and the other for players, families and fans that enables tagging, editing and sharing videos and highlights. Pixellot’s robust and future-proof solution comes with an affordable price tag without massive overheads.

Fans in a sports game


Pixellot delivers high quality video in any environment or condition. It is the perfect springboard to take your Academy to the next level.