Be a Better Coach with AI-Automated Video and Analytics

Pixellot Air provides constant video coverage of every drill, practice and game, both home & away. We offer a cost-effective solution for every coach to improve player and team performance!


Pixellot offers an end-to-end solution for capturing and streaming every game and practice with ease. Designed especially for the needs of football clubs and coaches, Pixellot’s award-winning technology was developed with the participation of FC Barcelona and tailored to the needs of the world’s leading sports clubs, where Pixellot is an integral part of their day to day activities. Now this technology is available to every club

How Easy is Pixellot You?

All You Need To Do Is Setup & Press Record

Games & Full Highlights Will Be Ready In 4 Steps.



Easy to implement and use

Pixellot is fully-automated with easy setup and without complicated logistics. The system is lightweight, portable, hands-free and delivers fantastic results indoors and out.

More Video Coverage

Increase reach with the automatically generated content – ideal for clubs. The system was designed to make it easy to share games, highlights and clips with friends, family, fans and the community over social media.

Soccer player
Fans in a sports game

Engage More Supporters

Pixellot allows clubs to easily capture content and also monetize it. We provide a full set of tools for monetization. Pay per view, season and monthly passes, video ads, banners and sponsorships are all an inherent part of the system. Sharing game and player highlights with one click makes it a no-brainer for engaging supporters.

Improve Team Performance

The system was designed to make it easy for coaches to share video with players. Pixellot’s VidSwap allows coaches and analysts to get full game breakdowns or easily break down games on the platform. Each clip can be easily sent to the players for review and improvement. Games can be captured in Tactical mode or in broadcast mode for fan engagement. Advanced video analysis and Analytics through Pixellot’s VidSwap can take team and player development to another level.


How Easy is Pixellot You?

All You Need To Do Is Setup & Press Record

Games & Full Highlights Will Be Ready In 4 Steps.

Can you afford not to?

It’s the whole package, there is no other solution on the market that can create sports content and data like Pixellot. No other system is as scalable and robust. Pixellot can be used across the league with an affordable price-point without massive overheads. In many use cases, it has paid for itself within months!



Pixellot delivers high-quality video in all lighting and weather conditions, all the time. It is the perfect springboard for developing content automatically and improve team, player performance. Just imagine all the great moments you can now cherish forever. 

Contact a Pixellot representative to hear just how surprisingly affordable Air really is!