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Just put it on a tripod and enjoy the game


1. Record Your Game

When recording at the venue, use your GoPro app to see the field of play and ensure you set up at mid-field/court, extending your tripod 8-10′ tall.


2. Upload Game Recordings

Install the Pixellot Uploader tool, upload your recording and our AI edits, tracks and formats your uploaded videos within 4hrs.


3. Watch, Share & Analyze

Games are fully edited by Pixellot & ready to be watched, shared & analyzed within hours.

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Send us some details about your team and we’ll share some documentation you can hand out to your admins, coaches or team members.

    Our Clients Say

    “We film all of our sessions. Once the game day is finished, we upload the games. I would like to stress how easy and streamlined the process is with the Air camera. It’s a massive, massive help”.​

    Andy Marshall

    Head Coach, Steven Gerrard Academy

    “I’m getting the most value from the product when I’m combining the video with the data. When I’m able to show video clips of specific situations and support that with shot accuracy and pinpoint location on the pitch. Highly Recommend this technology”.​

    Nic Mitham

    Founder and CEO, Footji

    “Love this product! I’ve been testing it with my son’s youth basketball team this season and it is fantastic. Coaches can watch replays, parents can share with family and boys love the highlights.”

    Coach Fox

    Coach, Granville Rec Basketball

    “in a perfect world, people would be able to come to every game, but we don’t live in that world and people have to pick and choose. This technology allows us to provide this resource to them”
    Dr. Steven Craft

    Fulton County Athletic Director