Big or Small, Never Miss the Moments

You spend so much time and invest so much in your families sports life, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way to capture and save all those moments? Now you can.

Get More From Your Sports Life?


The Easiest Way to Record, Save & Share

  • High quality video compared to your phone
  • Set up your action camera cam, press record & enjoy the game
  • No need for any video editing skills, you upload the game & it’s shared to the app

Cherish Every Moment

  • Save every moment from their very first game, up to their last
  • A personal mobile app to watch and create your own highlights and clips
  • You and your athlete can manually edit, tag and create highlights or let our AI do it for you

The Game’s in Your Hands

  • Instant access to games shared to with your mobile app
  • It doesn’t matter where your relatives live, games can be shared anywhere at anytime
  • Download and save all your video to your desktop or hard-drive
All Plans Include a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Do Players & Parents Think?

What Players Say

What Parents Say

Record Every Important Moment

You invest so much time into your young athlete’s sports life, so how valuable is being able to have every moment recorded with the ability to watch it anywhere, anytime! So, what can you get from Pixellot You?

  • Full Action Bundle to easily record all your games
  • Pixellot’s AI and Cloud to upload and store recordings
  • You mobile app for viewing, creating and share your own clips

Mobile App for Your Team


Pixellot You Mobile App

  • Uploaded games are instantly available
  • Cut game clips, tag players and create highlights
  • Invite team members and their family