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We’re looking for teams to travel tournament-to-tournament with Pixellot You; recording, sharing and analyzing every game. Send us your team’s info and we’ll give you a call!

Let Our Robots Automagically Create Video Content

Upload Your Film and Our Software Edits Your Film .

  • Full games are published in 2-4 hours
  • Creates a 5 minute video from your team’s highlights
  • Easily share games with out of town families

Our action camera paired with Pixellot’s AI creates your virtual camera man.

  • AI tracks, auto-produces and edits your game film
  • Player Number recognition
  • On-screen scoreboards

A.I software that automatically edits and cuts team highlights

  • Instant highlights from every game & every player
  • Our tracking software identifies player numbers
  • Players can create and share their own highlight reels

Capture Every Serve Set & Spike

  • Record using the Pixellot Action or Air
  • Share your custom webpage for quick access for extended family & fans
  • Easily stop and roll back the tape with simple viewing features

More Sport Coming Soon

Get ahead of the game and be on the short list for early beta programs for sports that are currently unavailable. We’re moving fast to open up new sports and want direct feedback from users from the followings sports.

  • Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Field Hockey
  • Baseball/Softball

How Automated Sports Video Works

Step 1

Set Up at the Field

Mount high in the air and capture all 4 corners

Step 1

Set Up & Record

The camera doesn't move and captures the full game, from start to finish.

Step 2

AI Records & Tracks

Our world class ball tracking AI acts as the camera operator, so you don't worry about a thing


Step 3

Upload, Watch & Share

Simply upload your game and we edit your recordings for you. Games are produced in 4hrs and instantly avaialable in the You mobile app or custom webviewer.

Step 4

Analyze like the Pros

Take your team to the next level with advanced analysis, analytics and breakdowns from VidSwap

The Pixellot Air

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